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Ford Sierra Cosworth  RS500 Racer       RS 500 Videos Race Race2

The VIN plate shows that it was original black and no sunroof.

Chassisnumber WFOEXXGBBEGR85364 is produced in October  1986.

WFO = World Manufacturer identification -West Germany-.
E = Body type -3 door-
XX = Constant for all Models
G = Production source -Ford-Werke AG Cologne-.
B = Assembly Plant -Genk-.
B = Model -Sierra-
E - Body type
G = Year of Scheduled Build - G=1986-
R = Month of scheduled Build -October-.
85364 Vehicle sequence number.

This car was never fitted with a sunroof, which is very rare. This indicates the RS was from the beginning a racecar as it is now. 
There was an original RS500 bumper, RS500 spare engine block and RS500 cylinder head with the car, when we bought the car.

The first owner was Rauymond Raus. He bought the car new by Euromoters in Luxemburg to do group N races in Belgium.
Klick for pictures
Rauymond told me that the engine had maximum possible boost and engines last for one or 2 races.
But Euromotors had plenty engines in stock and manpower to change engines even in race weekends.


Jan van Uytsel, FORD RS dealer in the 90ies, bought the car from Raus and rent the car to gentlemen drivers.
The car was  then raced from 1993 till 2003 in 4hour endurance races in Belgium with 2 or 3 pilots on the car per race.
Drivers (and owners) were
JP Baudart
Marc Voussure
Alain Ronchail
Xavier Moermans

Alain Ronchail is a Ford dealer and Ford collector of Escort MK1 rallycars.
In his collection he has 2 brand new BDA engines. Maybe they are for sale.

Alain Ronchail bought  this Sierra Cosworth from Jan van Uytsel. Alain raced the car first in group N trim in endurance races. And later he bought Group A suspension and brakes parts from the Dutch Rally-pilot  Jan van de Marel.
This explains why the car has the rally group A suspension. The car was then very success full in the endurance races. With almost a victory in the 10hour race of Zolder. See below some pictures.

DSC04808.jpg DSC04809.jpg DSC04810.jpg DSC04811.jpg DSC04814.jpg DSC04815.jpg DSC04816.jpg
DSC04817.jpg DSC04818.jpg DSC04820.jpg DSC04821.jpg DSC04822.jpg DSC04823.jpg  


Now we did the transformation to an Eggenberger RS500 copy.
 Rollcage like on the homologation papers.
8 injector manifold

big original intercooler Gertrag gearbox

Magnesium rear and front suspension.

CIMG1924.jpg CIMG1930.jpg CIMG5650.jpg IMG_2339.jpg IMG_2340.jpg IMG_2747.jpg IMG_2749.jpg
IMG_5429.jpg IMG_5430.jpg IMG_5431.jpg IMG_5433.jpg IMG_5435.jpg IMG_5436.jpg IMG_5437.jpg
IMG_5439.jpg IMG_5440.jpg IMG_5441.jpg IMG_5442.jpg IMG_5443.jpg P1010005.jpg P1010007.jpg
rs500-wheel-dimensions.jpg SC1209.jpg SC1209-1.jpg SC1209-2.jpg SC1209-3.jpg SC1209-4.jpg SC1209-5.jpg
thanasisblock205002.jpg toad+rs+enginr+number.jpg WP_20140808_004.jpg WP_20140808_015.jpg WP_20140808_031.jpg WP_20140808_034.jpg  


raceservice4u 001.jpg raceservice4u 002.jpg raceservice4u 003.jpg raceservice4u 004.jpg raceservice4u 005.jpg raceservice4u 006.jpg raceservice4u 007.jpg
raceservice4u 008.jpg raceservice4u 009.jpg raceservice4u 010.jpg raceservice4u 011.jpg raceservice4u 012.jpg    
achter.jpg CIMG1005.jpg CIMG1006.jpg CIMG1007.jpg CIMG1008.jpg CIMG1009.jpg CIMG1010.jpg
CIMG1920.jpg CIMG1922.jpg CIMG1923.jpg CIMG1924.jpg CIMG1925.jpg CIMG1927.jpg CIMG1929.jpg
CIMG1930.jpg CIMG1931.jpg CIMG1932.jpg CIMG1933.jpg CIMG1935.jpg CIMG1936.jpg CIMG1938.jpg
CIMG1939.jpg CIMG1941.jpg CIMG1942.jpg CIMG1944.jpg CIMG3348.jpg CIMG3349.jpg CIMG3350.jpg
CIMG3351.jpg CIMG3352.jpg CIMG3353.jpg CIMG3354.jpg CIMG3356.jpg CIMG3358.jpg CIMG3359.jpg
CIMG3361.jpg CIMG3363.jpg CIMG3364.jpg coswgra.jpg DSC04804.jpg P1010002 (3).jpg P1010002 (4).jpg
P1010004 (2).jpg P1010005 (2).jpg P1010006.jpg voor.jpg clubrace.jpg DSC01877.jpg DSC02187.jpg
DSC02198.jpg DSC02252.jpg DSC02253.jpg DSC02270.jpg DSC02293.jpg P1010001.jpg P1010003 (2).jpg
P1010022.jpg P1010023.jpg P1010024.jpg P1010026.jpg P1010033.jpg P1010046.jpg P1010047.jpg
P1010048.jpg P1010049.jpg P1010050.jpg P1010052.jpg      

Original RS500 pictures

0f807573.jpg 1161208921lc.jpg 1161208921ld.jpg 1161208921le.jpg 1161208921lf.jpg 1161208921lg.jpg 1161208921lh.jpg
1161208921li.jpg 123_2334.jpg 123_2338.jpg 123_2342.jpg 1704200784106620_m.jpg 1704200784228191.jpg 1704200784258902.jpg
1704200784328055.jpg 1704200784845990.jpg 25ca_3.jpg 2725_3.jpg 27cc_3.jpg 2876_3.jpg 292b_3.jpg
29db_3.jpg 2a7e_3.jpg 2b2d_3.jpg 584b_1.jpg 590a_1.jpg 5ac1_1.jpg 9140b3b4.jpg
9c_3.jpg autosport20pics20012_medium.jpg b952_3.jpg ba0f_3.jpg bac9_3.jpg bdcos60.jpg biga.jpg
bigb.jpg bigc.jpg bigd.jpg DSC00566.jpg DSC00652.jpg DSC00655.jpg DSC00659.jpg
DSC00664.jpg DSC00667.jpg DSC00678.jpg DSC00679.jpg dscf0494_medium.jpg e25d_1.jpg e30b_1.jpg
ee_3.jpg eggenburger_002.jpg eggenburger_052.jpg eggenburger_102.jpg eggenburger_107.jpg eggenburger_108.jpg eggenburger_116.jpg
eggenburger_116_1.jpg eggenburger_118.jpg eggenburger_118_medium.jpg eggenburger_124.jpg eggenburger151.jpg Ellmer engine 29.jpg Ellmer engine 32.jpg
Ellmer engine 36.jpg Ellmer engine 40.jpg engine2.jpg getrag.jpg labatts_213.jpg labatts_218.jpg labatts_219.jpg
labatts_222.jpg labatts_229.jpg labatts_232.jpg labatts_236.jpg labatts_238.jpg Nieuwe afbeelding.jpg NSGGR5002.jpg
Other29982b.jpg P8170033.jpg P8170035.jpg photo0193a.jpg Picture_005.jpg Picture_036.jpg Picture_038.jpg
Picture_040.jpg Picture_041.jpg Picture_053.jpg Picture_071.jpg picture_099.jpg picture_104.jpg picture_106.jpg
Picture_107.jpg picture_108.jpg picture_112.jpg picture_121.jpg picture_130.jpg picture_136.jpg picture_141.jpg
Picture447.jpg Picture451.jpg Picture453.jpg Picture456.jpg Picture458.jpg Picture505.jpg picture508_medium.jpg
Picture510.jpg rear_cockpit.jpg Spa-1987-7.jpg SPARS500d.jpg texacors5003.jpg texacors5004.jpg texacors5005.jpg

Copyright Jan van Elderen