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    This XK 150 is of the year 1958.

    The body needed only some small corrections and new paint.
    Except the doors needed  more than small corrections. See

    The car has a 4,2 E-type engine and a manual 4 speed box.
    Original it had a 3,4 engine and a automatic gear box.
    I want to keep the 4,2 engine with 3 SU-carburettors.
    But de manual gearbox will be replaced with a BW automatic gearbox.
    There were a lot missing or not perfect parts, which needed to be replaced.

    There are more plans to improve the XK.

    * Power steering.
    * Conversion Battery positive earth to negative earth
    * 90 amp alternator
    * Air-condition system
    * Bigger break callipers and if needed power assistant
    * 2 inch stainless steel Exhaust- system

Copyright Jan van Elderen