Cosworth RS history
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Sierra Cosworth RS road car;

Chassisnumber WFOEXXGBBEGU96622   is produced in June 1986.

WFO = World Manufacturer identification -West Germany-.
E = Body type -3 door-
XX = Constant for all Models
G = Production source -Ford-Werke AG Cologne-.
B = Assembly Plant -Genk-.
B = Model -Sierra-
E - Body type
G = Year of Scheduled Build - G=1986-
U = Month of scheduled Build -June-.
96622 Vehicle sequence number.

First owner was the Ford Genk assembly plant. The car was driven for one year by one of the top managers.
From 1987 till now there only one and present owner. 
The car is in very  good  original condition. The spare wheel was never used and in new condition.

ACHTER2.jpg coswm.jpg FORD2.jpg FORDGENK2.jpg P1010001.jpg P1010003.jpg P1010004.jpg
P1010005.jpg P1010006.jpg P1010007.jpg P1010010.jpg P1010011.jpg P1010012.jpg P1010013.jpg
P1010014.jpg P1010015.jpg P1010016.jpg P1010017.jpg P1010018.jpg P1010019.jpg P1010020.jpg
P1010022.jpg P1010024.jpg P1010025.jpg P1010027.jpg P1010028.jpg P1010029.jpg  


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